About Us

Shiny Red Ball Publishing is a small publishing company devoted to producing truly meaningful books for children and adults. Our authors have written books that genuinely express something that they would like to communicate to their own children. Whether its a spirit of non-competition, a magical love for nature, the courage to stretch the limits of what you believe about the world, or the art of letting go into the silliest depths of imagination, our writers and illustrators share what they find in the most meaningful places of their own hearts.

Shiny Red Ball was started by an author in the Athens, GA area who believes in the essential value of meaningful books for children and adults. As Deepak Chopra has recently said, “at every age we all need to know what life is really about”. Shiny Red Ball Publishing hopes to, in whatever small or large way, encourage children to explore and discover in order to meet this very need.

Shiny Red Ball's books engage the reader at all levels of being, from the aesthetic visual stimulation of the book's artwork, all the way to the deep emotional and mental stimulation of profound fun and discovery. Shiny Red Ball Publishing trusts that its readers are capable of more than what is normally given to them. We hope you experience that trust and enjoy the books that we have put so much of our love and energy into.