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Absolutely the Best

Being called the best feels great to almost everyone, but as this silly short narrative for kids and adults reminds its readers, the great feeling really comes from the expression of love behind the statement, not from actually being the best.
Just like the hair that is determined to be better than every other part of the body, we can really wear ourselves THIN and forget how to just be ouselves if we get too hot with competition FEVER!
By watching the hair on this kid’s head tie itself in knots and nearly fall all out, hopefully the reader gets the idea that although comparing oneself to others is a natural part of sorting and discovering the world, trying to be better than anyone or anything is really a pointless endeavor.

Behind My Eyelids

When we give children the chance to enjoy artwork that is a little more abstract, it gives them the freedom to see what they want to create and it gives us the opportunity to see what children are really capable of. While reading this story, children see as though they were laying relaxed, with eyes closed, and all the colors on the page were moving and changing right behind their eyelids. Will they see that "A snowy hill is celebrating its birthday with plenty of confetti and sprinkles", "A window has so many cracks in its glass that the view has become even better", or something different altogether? This book of color driven art and silly suggestions is meant to send even the youngest imagination bouncing toward places where nothing is weird.